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Kachri Sabut

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A wild form of cucumber is kachri (Sabut). Because of this, it is known as wild cucumis pubescens. Although it is a fruit, kachri (Sabut) is primarily consumed as a vegetable. Only desert soil, hot, and dry water stress environments contain it. True nourishment from the ground. After removing its skin, it is dried in the sun. Your food will taste distinct and sour if you use dried kachari powder. Dry kachari is mixed with a variety of Indian spices, including minced labm and meat masala, chana masala, chat masala, and meat tenderizer. It is referred to as mrugakshi in aurveda.

A wild kind of cucumber known as kachri is made from a melon that grows in Rajasthan’s desert regions and is a dark greenish-yellow colour. The use of kachri is common because fresh kachri is infrequently available outside of Rajasthan. Kachri is a meat tenderizer and is primarily used to make real Rajasthani lal maas. It has a pleasant tangy flavour. Purity first, pure pik. Buy Khari Baoli The best food ever!

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13 reviews for Kachri Sabut

  1. Naira

    As being rajasthani I looking for best quality kachri for lahsun chutney and main rajasthani recipes.
    I am very happy with this product and want to use only this in future

  2. Prince

    Very nice taste, we can’t get it in this cheapest price. And it is also not available at my city market. It also looking originally organic.

  3. yash

    I ordered this product for twice and I really liked it

  4. Ravi

    Must buy for kachari chatni

  5. Abhisekh

    I like the product

  6. Ajay

    My Favourite Rajasthani Dish(Chatni).After a long time I got it from Buy Khari Baoli dry & sabut form of Kachari

  7. Prakash

    Taste is best

  8. Daniyal

    This product was used for making Rajasthani Chateni. Very tasty and liked by every one. The quality of product is very good and have original taste. This is my repeat order based on the quality of product.

  9. Roopam

    Liked the product very much. Great experience.. Must buy this product

  10. Nitti


  11. Prawesh

    Good products quality & quantity is good

  12. Takshi

    Good meat tenderiser.

  13. Sani

    Quality and Quantity is Good ,i uselly purchased from market but that time I purchased from Buy Khari Baoli so this Quality is better than market,

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