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Pumpkin Seeds (Seam ke Beej) (Fresh and Original)

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Buy Khari Baoli’s Pumpkin Seeds are a delicious and healthful snack. These are AAA graded premium quality seeds that are completely natural and include no chemicals or preservatives. A half-cup of these Pumpkin Seeds provides 58% of your daily iron needs and 34% of your daily protein needs. Pumpkin seeds, a versatile culinary staple, give a delightful nutty flavour and nutrition to your favourite food.

  • Pumpkin Seeds are extremely rich in iron
  • Packed with Energy
  • AAA graded Premium Jumbo seeds
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No false promises or claims

These uncooked seeds are high in antioxidants, magnesium, and a variety of vitamins. They are also high in iron, zinc, and vitamin E, all of which are beneficial to skin, hair, and overall health. These seeds are delicious whether eaten raw, roasted, or salted. Use these seeds as a crunchy topping on salads, soups, or any meal, or as a road snack.

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