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Himalayan Rock Salt

(22 customer reviews)

The show-stopper is here: get Khari Baoli Himalayan rock salt powder. It’s lovely, it’s a vibrant pink colour, and it’s healthy for you! Made from Pink Salt from the Himalayas that is of the highest quality, is ethically and organically sourced. The unpolluted and toxin-free Rajasthani countryside provides the mineral-rich salt known as lunn. Buy Khari Baoli is dedicated to providing a healthy, sustainable, and ethically collected salt from India’s Thar Desert twice a year. Buy Khari Baoli – Absolutely Delicious Food:)



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Indulge in the goodness of Himalaya Rock Salt Makhana, a nutritious snack that will leave you craving for more. Made from vegetarian ingredients, these makhanas are packed with protein, calcium, iron, and potassium, benefiting your body in numerous ways. With their high nutrient content, low cholesterol levels, and zero trans fat, these roasted makhanas with a sprinkle of Himalayan Rock salt are the perfect guilt-free indulgence. Satisfy your hunger and stay healthy with this delectable treat.

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Weight 1 kg

1 kg

22 reviews for Himalayan Rock Salt

  1. Deepak

    This pink salt is really good at this price.packaging is good.over all a good product and orginal product.

  2. Rashmi

    Very good quality

  3. Shekhar


  4. Anjali

    Amajing product, very good for health, very tasty also, go for buy.

  5. Aswin

    Very good product

  6. Govind

    Good one.

  7. Priyanka

    Great choice for health

  8. Shivangi

    Great product
    Amazing quality
    Best for daily use
    Must try

  9. Nishu

    Great Himalayan salt for a healthy food lifestyle. It has many health benefits like minerals and nutrients which makes it different from the normal Salt. We are consuming it for several healthy purposes like cooking, table salt, salad purpose and Gargles.

  10. Kajal

    Very good quality

  11. Anjali Mittal

    Very reasonable price

  12. Sayani

    recently I quit table salt nd switched to pink salt nd it is really a gd quality pink salt i ever used. Nice texture, blends easily nd feels pure while consume. It is a healthy option in a gd price.

  13. Ankit

    Best quality Himalaya pink rock salt 100% pure and natural much more healthier than normal table salt contents lots of minerals as well as Iodine for a Healthy lifestyle

  14. Deepanshu

    This is best salt I have ever eat.
    Good one..

  15. Sourabh

    pure organic and good taste

  16. Rishab

    The quantity is good as compared with the others, .with the same cost i get the 500gm pack but this comes with the 1kg which quite a good choice.

  17. Yashika

    First of all the packaging was great as its the seal lock type. Its organic and it best as i always prefer. Truly great

  18. Kaushal

    Its the best alternative to the industrial salt with the stable iodine and the quality health benefits… I do prefer to use it on the regular basis as it controls the risk of pressure.

  19. Aryan

    The product is very good in packaging and came without damage in the transit. Great value for money , low sodium content making it viable for high pressure patients also to ingest. Taste is absolutely amazing

  20. Nidhi

    It is very beneficial for health. We can use it for various purposes. It tastes really good.. worth buying..

  21. Jatin

    I m addicted and love this pink salt taste
    I have issue of hypertension
    And it’s very helpful for me to control

  22. Amit

    Using pink salt is in favor of my health
    It save us from many disease

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