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Degi Kashmiri Mirch

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Red chillies, also known as lal mirch or degi kashmiri mirch. Its particularly utilized in Tex Mex, Indian, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines. You won’t be breathing fire after purchasing Khari Baoli Organic degi kashmiri mirch, but you will get exactly the right amount of flavour and brilliant red colour in the food. Despite being entirely organic, the product has a little gritty texture to it. The preferred ingredient for our cooking recipes are the finest raw materials. In addition to producing scrumptious foods for our palates, Buy Khari Baoli Lal Mirch offers a lot of health advantages.

When used in curry, it adds a vivid red colour that makes the food more enticing and delectable. When making curries, it is added to the marinade for marinating and to the frying pan with chopped onions and tomatoes. Buy Khari Baoli – Simply Delicious Food!





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15 reviews for Degi Kashmiri Mirch

  1. Alma Khan


  2. Brijesh Kumar

    Excellent product

  3. Yuvi


  4. Dolly Singh

    Package is good. Received on agreed time lines. Little surprise gifts enhance brand loyalty. Sure taste will be good. Will give inputs after tasting.

  5. Lakshita

    Good product

  6. Kundan

    Best product definitely buy

  7. Pintu Roy

    Nice product… colour is very good

  8. Arif

    Love it

  9. Vani

    Powder good and tasty.

  10. Tejo

    Good product

  11. Rakesh

    Thank you

  12. Archana

    Bad color

  13. Divya

    Less hot and more color

  14. Kuldeep

    Good packaging, quality is not bad.

  15. J S Juneja

    Now this is called real deghi mirch, WOW quality. Keep up the good quality. Really loved the quality, packing and service.

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