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Ours is a firm established in 1962 in the very famous Khari Baoli. Being Asia’s biggest market, Khari Baoli now proud itself being the epicenter of wholesale and large volume of trades. One can find every possible product in this vast market. Spices have been a major ingredient in Indian as well as foreign cuisine. The flavors provided by the spices are unmatched and provide an excellent texture to the dishes. One can find every type of spice in this huge market. At the unbelievable low rates provided in this market, there is a very good facility to buy products at very low costs. The spices available in the retail market are unbelievably expensive. We want to become the bridge between the wholesaler and the consumer. With our vast knowledge, we aim to provide our customers with great quality at a very low price. In a huge market, there can be a lot of adulterated products. Keeping in mind that a lot of vendors provide duplicate and unhealthy products. We are here to serve you the best quality at the best price. Saving one’s time is also our priority. Let us welcome you to the world of spices and dry fruits. To buy, read, and explore, please visit our interactive website. Add a twist to your cuisine with a bit of our carefully nurturing spices. Enhancing your food pallet is our priority. 100% organic, our spices are very good for you. We provide freshly grinded and 100% organic goods. Please read the benefits of each spice mentioned on the website as we provide best quality spices & dry fruits to you .


The Khari Baoli Journey​

Khari literally means salt and baoli means well. In ancient modern history baoli had been used for collecting for for all purposes. It prouds itself for asias biggest grocery And spice market. It’s operations date back to 17century.Red Fort Chandni Chowk and fatehpuri masjids are in very close proximity. Under Salim shahs rule it came into existence. It is a heritage site and a tourist attraction. One can see many people buying products at once. Khwaja Abdullah lazaar Qureshi laid the foundation of khari baoli. Nothing remains of it as of now , buried under construction over the period of time. One cannot see this baoli in real. This market prouds itself to be Asias epicentre of trade.

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